The Allen Strom biography - a must read for nature conservationists!

A must read for anyone interested in nature conservation, the Allen Strom biography has just been released on Kindle, and at only $6, it's practically free!

Allen Strom was a leading conservationist and environmental educator in Australia. This is an inspiring biography of a person who came from humble beginnings to become the leader of the national parks service in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Allen Strom also founded environmental education centres in NSW and contributed greatly to the progress of environmental management in the state. The Strom biography was written by another of Australia's leading conservationists, Allan Fox. Allan Fox drafted sections of the biography before his death, when it appeared the Strom story would be lost. However, a group of Strom followers linked parts of Fox's beautifully written drafts together to produce this Kindle e-book. See

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