Proposed biodiversity legislation changes - AAEE NSW Submission

Proposed Changes to Biodiversity Legislation in NSW - AAEE NSW Submission

The Biodiversity Conservation Bill 2016, the Local Land Services Amendment Bill 2016 and the related changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 are currently open for consultation until June 28, 2016. These changes require the repeal of the Native Vegetation Act 2003, the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, the Nature Conservation Trust Act 2001 and parts of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.

AAEE NSW has concerns about the changes to the legislation and has formally submitted comments. The Association is of the view that when taken overall, they will threaten biodiversity across NSW rather than protecting it. In summary, our submission makes the following key points:

1.       It is highly likely that the legislation changes will lead to increased land clearing in rural, regional and urban areas.

2.        As far as our core business is concerned, we can’t have education about biodiversity without having biodiversity.  In a perfect world where farmers have knowledge about the value of native vegetation and where developers and landowners care about the long-run condition of the land as much as they care about current income, the legislation might achieve its desired outcomes. We don’t live in this world. Given this it is highly likely that the proposed reforms will lead to large increases in land clearance, increased carbon emissions and more threats to endangered species.

3.       AAEE is mindful that legislation needs to find a balance between what are often diverse views across the community. The more effectively it finds this balance, the greater the impact of the legislation. In this instance the balance needs to be found between a range of competing factors, all related to sustaining our community and our natural environment. Economic sustainability needs of farmers must be balanced with the sustainability needs of the community for fresh food and a rich and wondrous environment, and all of this must be in balance with maintaining flora and fauna biodiversity within the premier state.  

See our full submission

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