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About AAEE Membership

AAEE NSW is a State Chapter of the Australian Association for Environmental Education. Membership of AAEE NSW is automatically conveyed with membership of AAEE if you reside in NSW.

Membership benefits:

  • professional development via conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • access to the latest Australian research in the Australian Journal of Environmental Education, sent free (full hard copy).
  •  networking opportunities through our Members Directory and other services.
  •  up-to-date news about environmental education programs and events around the country through monthly e-bulletins and "ozEEnews" - our quarterly e-newsletter.
  • discounted registration at our national biennial conference
  • substantial discounts on all AAEE publications
  • participation in Special Interest Group forums
  • a voice to State and Federal governments about your issues as educators
  • access to resources in our members section of our website 

For more information about AAEE and a membership form in PDF format download the AAEE Flyer below.

How to Join AAEE

Join the Australian Association for Environmental Education and you will also become part of the NSW Chapter (please note clicking on the button below will take you away from this website to the AAEE national website)

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