Get Involved

There are many ways that AAEE NSW members can get more involved in the work and projects the Association does. (Not a member? Join today!)
We rely on passionate volunteers to keep us moving forward with purpose and relevance, so why not jump in and take up one of the 12 suggestions below?

1. Nominate for a NSW scholarship or award

We present an annual Environmental Educator of the Year Award and also provide an annual Gould League Scholarship - why not nominate yourself or someone else to receive one? 

2. Read and contribute to our e-magazine

Conversationsis the member magazine of AAEE NSW.  Check out past issues of Conversationsand find out how you can contribute. 

3. Join a special interest group 

Our national association, AAEE, convenes six special interest groups (SIGs): early childhood, local government, marine educators, nature educators, research, teacher/teacher education. Email to register your interest in joining one of these groups.   

4. Come along to an event or conference

Check our upcoming events and get along to one of our  regular conferences.

5. Submit your news to our newsletter

ozEEnews is the national quarterly newsletter of AAEE, which includes case studies, events, book reviews and more. Got any news to send in?

6. Join the NSW Executive and help steer our Association forward

The AAEE NSW Executive is a voluntary group of members, elected through our AGM to lead and make decisions on behalf of NSW members. Would you consider nominating for an Executive position? 

7. Encourage a colleague to join - and keep renewing your membership too!

We would love to support and connect even more sustainability educators in NSW. The bigger we are, the more we can achieve. If you know a colleague who might benefit from joining, point them to our ‘Become a member’ page.  

8. Join a NSW sub-committee

AAEE NSW has several sub-committees that are critical to improving the Association’s work and impact. Why not join one to contribute your skills and experience?

9. Support the 'Make the Change' framework

We’ve developed a framework to guide the future of environmental education in NSW. Called 'Make the Change' (MtC), this project is an exciting opportunity for all practitioners to be unified in their approach to sustainability education. 

10. Read and contribute to the Australian Journal of Environmental Education

All AAEE members receive a copy of each edition of the Australian Journal of Environmental Education This is an internationally refereed journal with papers and reports on all aspects of environmental education. Why not contribute an article?

11. Join a local environmental educator network

Stay in touch with others in your area by joining one of the many local environmental educator networks in NSW. 

12. Like us on Facebook

‘Like’ AAEE NSW on Facebook to stay up to date with all our news and events. 

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