Are you part of a Regional Sustainability Education Network?

There are 11 Regional Sustainability Education Networks (RSENs) spanning all rural, regional and metropolitan areas of NSW.

Being part of a regional network has many benefits, including:

Meeting and networking with environmental educators from other organisations & sectors in your area; 
Having a place to share your experiences and talk about your challenges in a friendly and supportive environment;
Getting ideas and help with your projects;
Collaborating with other organisations to achieve more effective sustainability education outcomes;
Creating a voice for environmental education in your region.

Find your closest network from the list of 11 regional networks across NSW:

Northern Rivers Group of Environmental Educators (NRGEE)
Contact: Kirsty Howton
Phone: 6620 3644

Mid-North Coast Sustainability Education Network
Contact: Tammy Callaghan
Phone: 6591 7353

Hunter Environmental Education Network
Contact: Trish Donnelly
Phone: 4993 4239

Central Coast Environmental Education Network
Contact: Jane Smith
Phone: 4349 4756

Northern Sydney Environmental Education Network (NSEEN)
Contact: Adriana Genova
Phone: 9847 6613

Western Sydney Environmental Education Network (WSEEN) 
Contact: Judith Bruinsma
Phone: 9671 4333

Southern Sydney Sustainability Education Network (SSSEN)
Contact: Edward Fernandez
Phone: 9335 2194

Western Rivers Environmental Educators Network (WREEN)
Contact: Andy McQuie
Phone: 6883 5362

Macarthur Sustainable Environmental Educators Network
Visit their webpage

Contact: Denise Franovich
Phone: 4645 5007

Sapphire Coast Regional Science Hub 
Visit their webpage

Contact: Doug Reckord
Phone: 6494 5009 or 0428 267 956

Riverina Environmental Educators Network
Contact: John Rafferty
Phone: 6051 9406

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