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Let’s educate in a unified way for effective outcomes

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Best Practice Environmental Education

AAEE NSW is constantly working to build the capacity of educators across NSW to deliver best practice environmental education and education for sustainability (EfS) projects and programs.

Below are the resources we have developed to help create an effective, consistent and unified approach to environmental education in NSW. We hope they will be a valuable contribution to your programs and we encourage you to share the resources below with your colleagues and networks.

A Palette of Possibilities for Environmental Action Projects

We’ve worked with behaviour change guru Les Robinson to create this resource for all environmental educators involved in planning, managing or evaluating projects that aim to influence the choices and actions of human beings – action projects. You’ll find insights and examples for social research, theories of change using behavioural and systemic strategies, field testing and much more – this is a must read! This resource is an adaptation of our work undertaken for the NSW Environmental Trust to redesign their Environmental Education Grants program to consider Transformational Learning for Sustainability, social practices and values theory. Download the Palette of Possibilities (PDF)

Right from the Start!

A guide to planning best practice Sustainability Education and Engagement projects

This is a resource for environmental educators from all sectors, including community, non-profit organisations, state and local government, formal education, business and industry.
It has been created as part of the AAEE NSW ‘Equipping Regional Sustainability Education Networks for Creating Change’ Project 2016-2018, with support from the NSW Government’s Environmental Trust.
Download Right from the Start! (Word document, includes a Project Plan Template) and the accompanying Budget Spreadsheet (Excel workbook).

Best Practice Case Studies

Nine of the Regional Sustainability Education Networks (RSEN’s) that we partner with completed case studies showcasing a recent best practice sustainability education & engagement project. These case studies give great insight into how best practice projects can be delivered successfully. Check out the case studies here

Facilitator Tips and Tricks

A seasoned bunch of environmental educators were asked by Les Robinson for their best facilitation tricks during a webinar he facilitated with the AAEE NSW Leaders for Sustainability. The resulting resource was assembled into a little booklet of ice-breakers, inspirations, and other fun tricks.

Make the Change Sector Guides

The Make the Change Framework is a practical resource for all sectors engaged in sustainability education across the state. To help kick-start your use of the Framework, we picked the brains of key practitioners from a range of sectors to get their take on how Make the Change can best be applied in your sector. Check out the sector guides here

Climate Crisis Resources Hub

We believe that education about the climate crisis we’re facing should form part of all our environmental education programs. To help you do this, we have developed the climate crisis resources hub with information on the crisis we face, how you can educate your community about the climate crisis and how to build your personal resilience when change feels out of reach.