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The Conversations continue…

As environmental educators, we know the importance of a good conversation.

Conversations are the birth place of ideas, broadened horizons, constructive challenges, connections and change. A really good conversation can provide the light bulb moment from which a persons journey pivots in a new, more sustainable direction.

The birth of Conversations Magazine

With environmental educators spread across the state, and many programs struggling to find a way to share their stories and lessons, we knew a place was needed where conversations about environmental education in NSW could be shared. So, in 2013, the first Conversations Magazine was developed by AAEE NSW.

It began as a printed A4 magazine with Helen Watkins and Antonina Fieni curating each edition. Twice a year for two years these printed editions full of articles, case studies and best practice programs were shared among our members, schools and educators working across a range of sectors.

The rise of the e-Magazine

In 2015, Conversations magazine transitioned from a printed magazine to an emailed e-Magazine and was shared with AAEE members across the country. Under the editorial leadership of Angela Colliver and publishing work of Jane Lewis, then Melissa Sellen, a further ten editions were created showcasing over 120 stories, articles and programs.

Over these seven years, the stories and reflections shared through Conversations magazine have been a great source of encouragement and inspiration for many. From rural and regional areas to inner-city Sydney, from small independent projects to state-wide initiatives, and from a range of sectors and viewpoints, there has been a place for all the voices in our industry. Many of these past editions are still available for AAEE members to view by logging into the AAEE National members area.

Conversations moves online

There’s no doubt that there is still a strong need for a place where conversations can be had. We need intelligent, collaborative, reflective and creative sharing now more than ever! But, it is time for the format to change. So we’re excited that our Conversations magazine will now transition into our new Conversations Blog.

While the format may have changed, the purpose and heart behind it hasn’t. We hope this new blog space provides an easy way for you to find articles of interest and inspiration that you can easily share with friends and colleagues here in Australia and beyond. We also hope you’ll continue to contribute to the conversation, as you always have! If you’re interested in submitting a piece for our blog, please check out our submission guidelines here.


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