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Gould League legacy lives on in 2019 scholarship winner

AAEE NSW is excited to announce that Juliet Talarico (pictured), community educator at Rahamim Ecology Centre, has been awarded the 2019 Gould League Scholarship. Juliet is a skilled environmental educator who is establishing a permaculture course and garden for refugees and asylum seekers in transition housing. She has also dedicated herself to empowering women, children and young people to connect with issues of environmental justice.

Juliet was selected for the scholarship due to her work seeking to improve not only our environment, but also the well-being and inclusion of those often marginalised by society.

The Gould League scholarship will provide Juliet with financial assistance to attend the 2019 AAEE NSW Conference, ActiveNature, in Kirrawee NSW next month.

“It’s an honour to be awarded the 2019 Gould League Scholarship” Juliet said, “I am excited to attend the upcoming conference and deepen my understanding of the role of activism in achieving a sustainable world, especially for the benefit of women and children.”

“As an emerging educator, facilitator, and leader, this opportunity will provide great insight into how I can invest my energy productively and tackle climate change – our most pressing planetary issue. It will provide me a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from attendees that are experienced in communicating sustainability in this way” she said.

The scholarship is a legacy left by the Gould League of NSW to assist environmental and sustainability educators in their learning and to develop their skills and knowledge to integrate sustainability, science and geography into the curriculum, connect people with their natural environment and empower the community to live more sustainably.

Find out more about the scholarship at https://aaeensw-wp.testingground.com.au/our-work/gould-league-scholarship

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