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Help us review our Strategic Plan!

AAEE NSW works hard to deliver tangible outcomes for our members and the environment. All our work is informed by our Strategic Plan which we are now looking to review with your help.
The new Strategic Plan will run until 30 June 2021 and we’re inviting all AAEE members to give input into how the current plan may need to change or be revised to guide us over the next three years.
The survey will be open for three weeks (closing 10 May 2018)
AAEE NSW developed our current strategic plan in 2014 to guide the work of the chapter through 2015, 2016 and 2017. The current plan was developed by the then NSW Executive.
This plan is now due for review, with a revised plan to be adopted by the NSW Executive by 30 June 2018.
We are hoping to get some great feedback from our members over the next three weeks through the survey results. Once we have gone through your feedback, a draft 2018-2021 Strategic Plan will be put on exhibition on the AAEE NSW website for comment, along with a short consultation report outlining all comments received. Final comments received during exhibition will then be incorporated into the final draft of the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan for adoption by the AAEE NSW Executive.
Thanks for your input into the future direction of our organisation!

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