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NEW from AAEE NSW – Change the Climate Story Online Training

Would you like to help change the climate narrative in your workplace or community from one of despair to one of hope for the better world a regenerative future will bring? Did you know that you don’t have to be working on a climate change project to change the climate story?

Every environmental problem is connected in some way to climate change, so we all have a unique opportunity to integrate positive climate messaging into our day-to-day stakeholder & community engagement. Despair makes people switch off, so by authentically communicating about the solutions to the climate emergency we can give the gift of active hope that people need to switch on & engage. The power of our collective voices as the ‘source of environmental truth’ means that changing this climate narrative may in fact be our greatest legacy as environmental educators.

AAEE NSW wants to support you to do this and is offering professional development for workplaces & organisations who want to help change the climate story.


Workshop Timing

  1. The workshops are held over a 2- 3 weeks period, to allow you the time to engage with new resources & ideas from around the world and craft inspiring climate communications for integration into your environmental programs.
  2. Workshop #1 is 60 minutes and workshop #2 is 90 minutes.

What we cover in the workshops

  1. Developing your own climate story for authentic communication to change hearts & minds.
  2. How to turn fearful questions & negative statements into opportunities for sharing real world stories of the community benefits of moving to Net Zero.
  3. The importance of creativity for storytelling and imagining our hopeful regenerative future.
  4. A step-by-step guide to using AAEE NSW’s 10 Communication Tips to Change the Climate Story to craft tailor-made communications for your environmental projects.
  5. The science behind social movements and social tipping points.

Who are the workshops for?

Staff or volunteers who deliver & support environmental projects, from the following organisations:

  1. Local Councils and Regional Organisation of Councils
  2. Regional Waste Forums
  3. State Government Departments and Agencies
  4. Business
  5. Non-Government Organisations & Not for Profits
  6. Universities

Resources you will receive

  1. Climate Councillor Professor Lesley Hughes’ PowerPoint presentation on COP26 and the 2021 IPCC Report, created for our December 2021 AAEE NSW Climate Catch Up.
  2. Essential global and Australian resources on:
    • The urgency of the climate emergency and climate tipping points
    • The climate solutions to end the climate crisis in one generation.
    • The influence of politics, markets and investment on our global race to zero.

All workshop participants will be invited to join AAEE NSW’s new Climate Community of Practice, an online community for peer-to-peer support and new ideas.


This training is for 6- 12 staff or volunteers from the one workplace or organisation.

The costs of the two workshops, resources and ongoing support through the AAEE NSW Climate community of Practice is $1,500* for up to 12 participants.

*Please ask us about our discounted rates for not-for-profits & community groups.

About the Workshop Facilitators

Erika Van Schellebeck is on the Executive of AAEE NSW and has been leading the association’s Climate Emergency Response since Sept 2019. She is a trained Climate Reality Leader and wrote the AAEE NSW guide 10 Communication Tips to Change the Climate Story…and be a climate leader during your day job. Erika has worked as an environmental educator with local and state government and the not for profit sector across NSW for over 20 years.

Andrew Snedden is AAEE NSW’s Partnerships Officer and is a trained Climate Reality Leader and a Facilitator of the Climate for Change community project. Andrew has worked as an environmental educator with business and the not-for-profit sector for more than 5 years.

Interested? Email us at [email protected]

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