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Brand New, Free Climate Communication Guide!

Would you like to have positive conversations about the climate crisis that encourage and inspire others to be part of the solutions?

Do you want to feel more positive about our future in the face of climate uncertainty?

Would you like to feel more confident talking about the climate crisis with your colleagues, friends or family?

Do you care about the climate crisis and our future and want to do more?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our new, free resource 10 Communication Tips to Change the Climate Story …and be a climate leader during your day job is for you!

Written by AAEE NSW member Erika Van Schellebeck for AAEE NSW, this resource has been developed for anyone concerned about the climate crisis.

It is a fantastic, short, practical guide inspired by her work in the climate movement and sustainability education and engagement which steps you through a range of practical tips to build your confidence and ability to share your climate story and move others to action.

Download it here and share it with your networks!


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