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Deakin University research on the future of Sustainable Schools NSW

Our research project to provide guidance on the next stage of Sustainable Schools NSW is now complete and the team from Deakin University have come up with some excellent recommendations.

A brief overview of the recommendations from the Deakin report are below:

  • Consider moving to a user pay model with varying levels of engagement maintaining the current free newsletter and website support.
  • Create a marketing strategy to communicate the benefits for schools to participate in the program
  • Redesign rubric or framework for sustainability actions and progress in schools. Link to curriculum requirements.
  • Emphasis a recognition process for leading schools and teachers, continue liaison with EZEC and KAB EcoSchools
  • Develop strategies and processes for working with organisations working with schools assisting their sustainability journey
  • Review achievements and lessons from current Regional Support Officer role (Western Sydney) and ensure all Green Teacher network coordinators in the region are part of the collaboration.
  • Develop an evaluation plan to monitor the program progress

Thank you to everyone who participated in their survey and contributed to their research. We’re excited about what the future holds for Sustainable Schools NSW! Sign up for the Sustainable Schools NSW e-Newsletter to make sure you keep up with all the latest news.

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